A suite of powerful applications to promote collaboration and better decision making at the construction site

Site Companion is a suite of integrated applications tailored to the needs of various professionals including engineers and contractors.

A combination of smart mobile apps and web technology that encourage collaboration, the exchange of information and boosts productivity.

Site Companion has a range of benefits:

  • Standardises document distribution
  • Increases collaboration
  • Reduces the cost and administration burden of information dissemination
  • Improves data capture quality in the field
  • Saves time with reporting and compliance
  • Improves audit and compliance tracking

Apps at a Glance



A single location for updates, changes and notifications



A consolidated view of tasks and things to do



Boost data capture and accuracy in the field



Browse, read and acknowledge documents in any format


Site Diary

Record, browse and share diary entries amongst site operatives


Media Tagging

Capture and annotate pictures, videos and audio


Web Manager

Easy-to-use web portal for the administration of Site Companion



The site diary can be integrated with popular software packages, such as SharePoint, Huddle, 4Projects and many other 3rd party systems


Saving valuable time the hub is a main focal point that brings together roster details, updates from the Forms, Documents and Alerts applications into a single location.
The hub’s features include:

  • Quick access to my tasks
  • At-a-glance details of any new or changed documents
  • Details of any responses received for completed forms
  • Access to personal information

Site Diary

Capturing the events that unfold on day-to-day basis on site has never been easier. The site diary application makes it easy to record events that include weather, contractors and plant.

With its innovative social features, the site diary promotes collaboration between site operatives and provides an insight into trending topics, issues or problems.

The site diary features include:

  • Capability to specify plant, weather and site operatives into a diary entry
  • Free text diary entry form
  • Linking of a diary entry to a project, package or specific work item
  • Share diaries across the site with multiple site operatives
  • Browse diary entries for the last week, month or longer


Having a single view of tasks saves time and allows the site operative to prioritise and focuses their attention accordingly. The Site Companion tasks application provides a single view* off all those tasks that have been allocated to the site operative.

The tasks application can integrate with popular applications such as SharePoint, Huddle and 4Projects providing a single aggregated task list.

The notifications app includes:

  • View tasks and associated items
  • Sort tasks by due date, task type and more

* Integration with third party systems may be required.


Improve and standardise information communication and distribution with the Site companion documents application. With built-in workflows for read receipts and document acknowledgement you can be sure that important information is disseminated quickly and effectively whilst at the same time receiving assurance that it is being received and reviewed.
With the powerful documents management application users can:

  • View any document format
  • Search documents for specific sections or information
  • Bookmark/Favourite documents or document sections
  • Print/Email
  • Provide read receipts
  • Acknowledge documents have been received


Having clear and accurate information captured in the field for health and safety issues, behavioural observations, surveillances and other site based data capture activities can enable the project delivery team to make more informed decisions and dramatically speed up the time it takes to react.

With the Site Companion forms application you have a powerful arsenal of digital templates at your disposal that can be customised to fit the needs of the project.

The forms application has the following functionality:

  • Capability to complete a form even when no internet connection is available
  • Standard form elements you would expect including text boxes, date pickers, drop downs and more
  • Easily attach pictures
  • Capability to annotate pictures
  • Automatically associate location and GPS co-ordinates

Media Tagging

Why carry a separate camera on site when most operatives today have a company issued tablet or smartphone capable of capturing high quality photos, videos and audio recordings to rival most high-end cameras.
The media tagging application extends the basic camera functionality of the tablet device to include:

  • The capability to link pictures to a project, works package, work item, contractor or other elements.
  • Provide accompanying descriptions to photos or videos
  • Annotate pictures with standard drawing tools

Web Manager

Behind every successful application is a powerful easy to use web administration tool. Accessible securely via the Internet using a common web browser the Site Companion web portal is an easy to use administration tool.
With the web manager, administrations can:

  • Setup users, distribution groups and access roles
  • Upload and manage documents
  • Create and manage data capture forms
  • Control permissions and distribution for documents and forms
  • Usage and engagement reports


Applications and Information sitting in silos has no place in the modern day construction project. Data needs to remain transient, with common elements being shared with all those applications that sit within the common data environment.

The Site Companion can be integrated with many of today’s most popular applications that fall within a construction company’s common data environment.

Applications such as:

  • 4Projects
  • Huddle
  • SharePoint
  • JD Edwards
  • Data Scope
  • eRDS

For more information on the integration services provided by 3Squared please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements further.