iPad Prices Revealed

14th May 2010

The UK iPad prices have now been revealed by Apple which include various options of the tablet device.

The basic iPad WiFi version which has 16GB of memory will retail for £429 and ships from June 9th in the UK. Pre-orders are being taken from 28th May with a limit of 2 per customer.

However the 64GB iPad version will be £599 – we suspect that the prices will be reduced after a few months just like the iPhone was reduced after initial launch.

There will also be a WiFi and 3G version which will range from £529 for the 16GB up to £699 for the 64GB iPad version.

Squareware has been developing for the iPad over the past few months and the speed/response of the device is very impressive. (iPad photo gallery below). We believe that this device will benefit schools and colleges as well as businesses who require applications in which they need to input data into their internal systems with ease.