iPhone 4 Top tips & tricks

24th June 2010

Got your new iPhone 4G? Looking for a quick overview of new features and tips and tricks for your new iPhone 4? You’ve come to the right place :-)

The new iPhone 4 has now been launched, hundreds gathered on the streets to wait in a queue to have the must-have gadget of the year (apart from the iPad of course!)

Below are some features, tricks and tips for your new iPhone

  • Multitasking: It’s here, finally. It’s handled with a simple task switcher: double click your home button, and you get a list of running apps. Select, switch, done. Multitasking is limited to audio streaming, VoIP and GPS apps, as well as a few other allowances: they can finish specific, important tasks in the background, for example. As far as non-music/nav/VoIP apps, those can be suspended in the background, but not left running.
  • Fast app switching: With iPhone 4′s multitasking, most apps aren’t actually running in the background—just certain functions of the app, like an audio stream or a GPS lock. But! All apps can now be frozen, in full, so that when you reopen them, they’re restored to exactly the state they were in when they were closed.
  • Local notifications: Notifications can be sent between apps on the phone, not just from remote servers. In other words, if something important happens in an app you’ve opened and moved away from, a notification will pop up in whatever app you’re using at the time, effectively saying “switch back to me!” It’s a fairly clever way to keep track of multiple apps without the need for a start bar or dock-type interface.
  • App folders: Now you can sort your apps into folders! That’s homescreen clutter solved, just like that.
  • A new Mail app: Unified inboxes, multiple Exchange accounts, fast inbox switching, threaded messages: These new features are actually a huge deal, since the iPhone’s mail client has barely changed since 2007, and Apple doesn’t allow alternative mail apps.
  • iBooks: Oh hey, that iBooks ebook reader app and accompanying ebook store we first met on the iPad has ambled on down to the iPhone. Nice, since you can now take your books with you wherever you go
  • Custom backgrounds: Now you can choose a persistent background for your iPhone, decisions decisions.
  • Game Center: Apple’s going to roll out a centralized gaming service—a multiplayer network like PSN or Xbox Live—to help connect games to one another, by the end on the year.
  • Camera Zoom: By tapping the screen or sliding the little bar, you can zoom in and out when taking a picture.
  • Events, Faces and Places in the Photo Menu If you are an iPhoto user, you can now sync pics to the iPhone (and iPad) via Events, Faces and Places, meaning less reliance on the artificial act of creating new albums.
  • Spellcheck! Now, wherever you’re typing, those little red underlines aren’t far behind.
  • Resize Photos While Sending This very cool time-saver pops up when you’re emailing a photo, just after you hit “Send.” Depending on how big the file is, you can have two to four size options, including “Actual Size.”
  • Birthday Calendar There’s a birthday calendar—which you can toggle off—which compiles all the birthdays from your contacts.
  • Double-Tap and Hold Brings Up Phone Favorites Not our favorite hidden secret, the beloved Phone Favorites shortcut has been demoted. Instead of the double tap—which now brings up the task manager—you have to double-tap and hold. Single-tap holding of course triggers Voice Control.
  • Vertical YouTube You can finally watch YouTube videos in a vertical orientation.