Installing a prototype application onto your iPhone or IPad

26th January 2011

As part of our software development process we often send out prototype iPhone/iPad apps to our customers for things like user acceptance testing, review, or functionality checks. It’s sometimes not easy to get the app onto a device so we through it a good idea to publish a guide here:

To install the application onto an iPad or iPhone for the first time you’ll need:

1)     A PC or Mac running iTunes 10.1 or later

2)     An iPad or iPhone running iOS 3.2 or later which has already been provisioned (see section XX on provisioning)

3)     An iPad/iPhone Sync cable

4)     A copy the app with the extension of .ipa

Software installation

Below are the steps required for installing the application for the first time:

1)     Connect the iPad to the PC or Mac running iTunes 10.1 or later using the iPad Sync cable. The computer will detect the iPad and launch iTunes automatically.

Note 1: If this is a new iPad you’ll be required to setup the device for first time use by following the steps outlined within iTunes. This process is out of scope for this guide.

2)     In iTunes, using the top menu bar click File > Add File to Lbrary and then using the file browser navigate to the winepad application location and click Open. The application should be  displayed within iTunes along with all your other application.

3)     Still within iTunes then the iPad icon shown in the left had browser bar, the right hand side of the screen will then change to display the ‘summary’ information of the connected iPad.

4)     Whilst the summary navigation is dsiplays within the right hand pave then click the ‘Apps’ button. The screen will refresh to display a list of applications currently installed within iTunes along with a thumbnail for each app.

5)     When in the Apps section, check the box next to the application icon in the left hand application list as per the image below. Then once you have checked the box tap the ‘Apply’ button bottom right to add the application to the iPad.

6)     Whilst the iPad is being syncornized with iTunes the wine pad application will be installed to the device. Progress of installation will be displayed at all times in the display window located at the top of itunes. Once the application has been installed this window will display the message ‘iPad sync is complete’ as shown below.

7)     To test the application has been installed correctly disconnect the iPad from iTunes by pressing the ‘Eject’ button next to the device name in the right hand browser bar of iTunes. Then using the iPad find the icon to verify it has been installed.


Below is troubleshooting guidance for common issues during usage of the wine pad software.

Issue Resolution steps
Application does not install onto the device through iTunes Please make sure the device has been provisioned and that a valid profisioning profile has been installed on the iPad.
How do I restart the iPad Hold down the on/off button and the home button together and this will restart the device.
How do I delete the software off the iPad? Tap and hold the icon until the ‘x’ icon appears above the icon. Tap the ‘x’ icon to remove the app from the iPad