And the winner is?

10th February 2011

If proof was ever needed on why businesses should consider mobile software development and apps as a means to engage and connect with their customers then the recently published stats should go some way to convincing businesses. Overall Smartphone sales grew by 71.1% in 2010 compared to the previous year and accounted for 19% of total mobile sales.

Market share of smartphone sales in 2010 (2009 figure in brackets)

    1. Nokia Symbian – 37.6% (46.9%)

    2. Android (right) – 22.7% (3.9%)

    3. Research In Motion – 16% (19.9%)

    4. iOS – 15.7% (14.4%)

    5. Microsoft – 4.2% (8.7%)

Google’s Android operating system saw its share surge almost tenfold in 2010, giving it the number two slot in the smartphone market.

Pushed by Motorola’s Droid devices, Samsung’s Galaxy S line and HTC’S Desire, Incredible and Evo 4G, Android captured 22.7% of the market.

This was a rise of 888.8% from its 4% stake in 2009.

As smart phones continue their dominance and increase their percentage of the overall mobile phone sales the whole application eco system will become evermore ingrained in society.