Intranet 2.0: Integrating Web Apps for True Productivity

28th February 2011

The intranets of the 90’s were primarily used for document storage, news and other types of internal corporate information but the next generation of intranets promise to be much more thanks to the Web 2.0 and the concept of the web application.

Web applications could offer a true revolution in the workplace, one whose practical applications are much more immediate. A revolution where users are freed from the traditional software model, and the Intranet being the center of the office is finally a reality.

In fact we should think of web applications, integrated to our Intranets, in as broad as sense as possible. The web is teeming with innovative services and applications. Online photo editing, audio creation, communications, media streaming — the list is almost endless.

The future of Intranets is one where these services are built in, and offer end users a functional toolbox. They no longer need to think of the Intranet as simply a storage area, and something separate to the tools they need to actually generate content and documents. The Intranet could be the center of everything.

Whilst remote access and thin client technology are nothing new, the kind of integration we have looked at in this piece is a step change. For a long time people have been told that the Intranet should be the center of their working day, but now this is a distinct possibility. Gone are the days where the Intranet was simply about retrieving files and reading news, it is now a tool in itself.

The boundaries between applications, storage, and delivery are becoming increasingly blurred. The user does not need to worry about having the correct program installed, or being on the right machine, they can simply focus on the tasks at hand.

We are only just beginning to understand how web applications can integrate with our Intranets. There are huge and immediate advantages for users working outside of the traditional office environment. But even for those desk bound workers a brave new dawn might be just around the corner.

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