Is the iPad still safe?

28th February 2011

Over the last few months we’ve seen Android Tablet after Android Tablet enter into the market and claim to be a would-be iPad killer, but none of the manufacturers seem to be applying the same rule that made Android beat the iPhone, cheapness!!

Motorola have just released their Xoom table and priced at $799 it’s no wonder Apple and the iPad are sitting pretty.

However there is a bigger reason few consumers are not going to be willing to pay the same price for a Xoom (or any other tablet) as they would for an iPad: it’s not an iPad. The default brand that consumers associate with tablets is Apple. That’s where the cachet is. So long as its a Motorola Xoom, a RIM PlayBook, etc., it’s got to be cheaper or it’s not going to sell. (The only possible exception to this is Android-based devices, because Android has a great brand all its own, but even Android is ultimately successful because it’s cheaper.).

So long as RIM et al keep their prices high in the hopes of competing with Apple’s iPad at the high end of the market, this is virtually guaranteed. No one beats Apple at being Apple. The best bet for the iPad also-rans, then, is to run a different race, aiming for mass market appeal….with much lower price tags.