NFC-Enabled iPhone This Year?

15th February 2011

Anyone else noticed that more and more shops seem to have upgraded their POS systems to support NFC based devices and credit cards? As many more restaurants and shops start to trial the technology could Apple add near field communication (NFC) capabilities to the fifth-generation iPhone this year?

According to Phone Scoop, Deutsche Telekom today gave a presentation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona outlining its adoption of NFC technology for mobile payments, and during the course of the presentation noted that it expects an NFC-enabled device from Apple to debut sometime this year.

Deutsche Telekom announced that it expects NFC phones in 2011 from Apple, Samsung in Q2, and RIM & LG in Q3. The company expects mobile payments replacing cash to be the most popular use for NFC technology, followed by mobile ticketing for services such as public transportation.

It certainly looks like NFC is gaining momentum and considering Apple usually like to be the innovators and not followers it really does make sense for them to adopt NFC in the iPhone 5.

We’re already working with iPhone payment system and the Linea-pro hardware which is currently used in the Apple stores and Gap and hope iPhone 5 does come with NFC built in, should be very exciting.