iPad 2, First Impressions

27th March 2011

Well, It’s definitely an improvement on the iPad one and it’s far superior to the curent crop of competitors such as the Xoom or the Galaxy Tab. Specification wise it’s not such a giant leap forward, yes it has a dual core processor and yes it has 512mb of RAM but where it’s mostly improved is in the hand.

After spending the entire day using the iPad 2 testing our customers applications not once did I feel the need to put it down and rest my wrists, it’s comfortable and very light.

The big change is the design of the casing. Apple has rounded off all of the first iPad’s flat, angle-cut edges and they’re now a third of the width they were before. The back of the device curves less shallowly than the last one to form a flat face that’s better if you do want to set the iPad 2 down, screen up.

In all, the the iPad 2 is much easier to pick up and hold in one hand as you might a magazine or a book. More angular tablets, such as the 7in Galaxy Tab, the as-yet-unreleased BlackBerry PlayBook seem downright boxy in comparison.

However this new design has come at an asethtic cost, because of the round edges none of the peripherals look as if they fit correctly, when you plug in the sync cable it just doesn’t look to fit correctly and the design definately doesn’t look correctly.

Which leads me onto think is this a halfway house before the iPad 3? For sure Apple definitely wanted to get another version out before the Blackberry Playbook and Samsung Tab 2 to give it a further lead and breathing space whilst it developed the next generation of table.

It wouldn’t be fair to mention the performance leap thanks to the A5 dual core processes. It’s the same speed as the iPad 2 but having that additional core really makes a difference iOS is instant and moving between applications really is a breeze.

Oh and you’ll be pleased to know that all of the applications we’ve developed for our customers run correctly and smoothly on the iPad 2, I’m sure they’ll all be pleased when we notify them.

Finally, a big thanks to Ben who queued up at Meadowhall for the 3Squared iPad’s, as you can see from the picture below it was a quite a queue.

Final Thoughts

The iPad defined a new category of personal computing and inspired many a me-too offering. The iPad 2 isn’t the next step in the evolution of the media tablet – Apple still has flaws to fix – but there’s no question it’s better than its predecessor – and a lot of its rivals.