Is the web dead? Again!

22nd March 2011

Back in mid 2010 Wired magazine published an interesting story titled ‘The web is dead’ and I can remember debating the article with our good friends at Technophobia.

Financial Times journalist Richard Waters adds weight to this argument which suggests Here (warning: PDF) that the apps’ convenience is the reason we’re so eager to cede control to app (and app store) vendors:
On the small screens of smartphones…the battle between app stores and the wide-open web looks to be over. Consumers have voted with their thumbs: the easiest way to find and access a service is through an app, not surf to a web page.

But whilst the evidence is mounting showing that more and more consumers are turning towards apps for engagement with brands and businesses their are those who still believe this to be very short lived.

Matt Asay, senior vice president of business development at Strobe, argues:

The web introduced a powerful way to discover new content: the hyperlink. To think that we’re going to abandon this method of exploring in favor of a isolating app store search is incredibly shortsighted, though I suspect the way we interact with URLs absolutely will change. It will be less about typing in a URL and more about apps linking to each other through URLs hidden to the end user.

it’s not clear why the app store model is any better: a user must first think of what they want, then head to an app store that is completely separate from whatever it was they were previously doing (browsing the web, playing Angry Birds, or whatever), then type in an approximate description of the sort of app they want, and then download it.

That’s not progress from the lowly URL. It’s a massive step backward.

It’s clear this argument is set to rage on for some time yet, what’s your view?

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