Smartphones and apps to join the inflation basket

16th March 2011

Last year the changing British way of life was reflected by the inclusion of shop-bought cooked chickens to the “inflation basket”; this year it is the turn of apps that run on smartphones, and the smartphones themselves, now a separate category to mobiles.

In its annual review of items it uses to monitor the cost of living, the ONS has decided to eject mobile phone downloads, such as ringtones and wallpaper, after a relatively short residence in the index, as well as the price of vending machine cigarettes, reflecting their retreat from pubs and clubs.

An increasingly time-poor society with fewer opportunities for traditional courtship also sees dating agency fees monitored as part of its cost of living. And trends in eating and drinking habits have been spotted once again; sparkling wines, dried fruits and oven-ready joints are in; four packs of lager, and the shoulder of pork are out.

Source: (Author: Sean O’Grady) The Independent