Is it Xoom and gloom for Android?

12th April 2011

With as many new Android tablets entering the market this year despite the hard to come by LCD panels is it safe to say that the iPad’s current 90% share of this market is likely to be eroded? If history is to repeat it’s self then it’s safe to assume so. Look at what happened with the iPhone, Apple maintained a dominant position for a while but then thanks to the Android business model of volume, being everywhere at minimal cost to the manufacturers this slowly vanished.

In fact, Apple’s business model dictates that this will be the case, they are great creating new markets and fostering high initial growth in those markets but when other manufacturers enter into that Market with a better price point it all but moves Apple into the high margin, premium price section of the market which naturally isn’t the larger of the market share.

It’s already happened on the smart phone market and I think it’s safe to say that eventually it will happen in the tablet market and any other market Apple intend on creating.

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