Publishers losing the battle against Angry Birds?

17th May 2011

A panel at the recent world e-Reading Congress declared that publishers need to diversify and compete head-on with other media. The session sought to answer the questions: “Can e-reading win the war against Angry Birds?” Jonathan Glasspool, managing director of Bloomsbury Academic and Professions provided an interesting view by saying the battle had already been lost. ” Sales of book content have stayed static over the past few years.

Glasspool then went on to talk about how publishers and book authors should diversify their earning streams away from the volatile world of bestsellers, towards the exploitation of Intellectual Property (IP) and that they should thing of themselves as being in the service business.

However, some industry experts believe now is not the time to diversify and instead publishers and authors should concentrate delivering good books.

At 3Squared we agree that the battle had been lost. Yes books sales have seen a recent increase thanks to devices such as kindle however this will be very short lived. Publishers and authors need to being competing vertically and horizontally against all other media.

And that’s why we’ve created Digital Editions, a rapid development framework that enables authors and publishers to affordable convert content into a digital format suitable for the iPad and iPhone. We’ll be releasing more info on this product soon so please keep reading the blog and checking back for more news on how Digital Editions can help authors and publishers take advantage of this new technology change.