Application Developers

3rd June 2011

Now in our 9th year of trading, 3Squared has gone from strength to strength in app development.

Technology has really changed over the past decade, for example the majority of us did not own an iPod or any other sort of portable digital MP3 player, we were listening with bulky portable CD players that skipped whenever we bumped it, and were still years away from downloading a song or album online.

Back then mobile applications were a pipe-dream with applications being WAP based on a green screen (more of a novelty than functional applications), and everything was really slow, no 3G back then it was all GPRS at a snails pace.

Just a decade ago we were still using cameras that required film, having to drop off at the local pharmacy for it to be developed, who would have thought digital cameras could get so good that they fit inside a mobile phone!

Now we’ve become reliant on our mobile applications, bidding on eBay on the bus, checking in to places through Facebook on our iPhone and downloading and listening to a track we just heard through Shazam. Our mobile phones can now produce HD video which we can share with friends in an instant – who would have thought this was possible back then.

So What’s next for the technology and applications? As operators eventually roll out faster ‘4G’ data speeds applications are going to be a lot more instantaneous with developers like 3Squared producing more high definition software apps for the various new mobile and tablet devices. Users will be a lot more data-hungry which will also come at a cost with bandwidth charges increasing to pay for the new data speeds.

Apps are here to stay with the devices we access them on ever-changing, it’s exciting times for application developers.

If you’re looking for application developers to work on your software requirements call 3Squared today on +44 333 121 3333, we are an in-house team of software application developers based in the UK.