Starbucks Surprise & Delight their customers with an App

10th November 2011

Starbucks have used augmented reality to delight their customers, a clever marketing app for Christmas.

Using the app which is being released this week, customers can interact with their coffee cups! By doing so they meet five characters — an ice skater, a squirrel, a boy and a dog sledding and a fox — on their screen, and for example, if you tap the boy on the sled he does a somersault! Those who activate all five characters can qualify to win a prize! It’s all clever stuff!

The app also includes traditional and social sharing capabilities so you can the send ecards as well as holiday offers from Starbucks, among other things to your family and friends – what a great way of ‘engaging’ customers, and reinforcing the brand!

The object, says Alexandra Wheeler, vp-global digital marketing for Starbucks, is to “surprise and delight” customers during the holiday season.

I’m sure they’ll definitely do that!