Motorola Razr on sale today in the UK

8th November 2011

Combining high-quality materials the Motorola RAZR is a phone to be reckoned with, add to that the fact it’s the slimmest phone in the world and you’ve got a real dilemma come contract time
The Motorola Razr has now officially gone on sale in the UK with stockists Amazon and both showing the Razr to be in stock.

While no official word from any of the phone networks you can however get the phone sim-free with the lowest price at the moment coming courtesy of at £442.90 while in close second is Clove Technology who will let you get your hands on the Motorola Razr for £454.80.

Amazon and Play are both offering the phone at £25 below the RRP at £474.99 with free delivery so if you can’t hold on until the networks dish out their offers then these would appear to be the best places to go.

Motorola RAZR Features:

With a KEVLAR backplate and Corning GORILLA glass on the front it’s a serious force to be reckoned with, add to that splash-resistant and you’ve got a phone that will weather pretty much anything you throw at it.

Running Android 2.3.5 the RAZR is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and has 1GB RAM for ultra-fast response and easy multi-tasking. With a 8MP snapper on the back and 1080p video recording you’ve got a phone that will truly rival the iPhone 4S both in looks and functionality.

The real question will be of course whether this handset will run Google’s new OS Ice Cream Sandwich, announced just hours ago alongside the launch of Google’s own new handset the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Source T3.