Netflix arrives in the UK

12th January 2012

When we’re not wearing down the skin on or thumbs in a frenzied gaming session, there’s nothing we find more enjoyable and relaxing than kicking back with a decent movie or the latest television series.

However, we find nothing relaxing in having to brave the cold weather to make a journey to the local video library. Then there’s the added headache of having to scout through a mile long shelving unit packed with DVDs and Blu-rays of predominantly very little interest. A couple of days later, the same trip has to be made to return the film. – it’s rubbish.

The streaming of movies and television shows over the Internet is an absolute godsend. No messing about, no hassles and no late fees. With services like LOVEFiLM offering a decent and vast library for the UK audience, it was only ever a matter of time before Neflix had stormed our shores to offer the countries movie lovers their library.

For a flat fee of just £5.99 a month, the consumer gets full access to the Netflix catalogue to watch on their Smart TV, game console, Blu-ray player, tablet or mobile phone

Competition in the UK market is expected to be fierce. Lovefilm recently announced that it was experiencing its fastest customer growth rate since 2009. Lovefilm’s growth comes at a difficult time for Netflix.