Tablet sales will exceed desktop PCs by 2013

26th March 2012

According to DigiTimes Tablet sales could exceed desktop PCs by 2013. Industry insiders estimate that the tablet industry led by Apple’s iPad will continue to attack the traditional desktop PC market and ultimately exceed it by 2013. It is estimated that sales will reach 130 million tablets sold during the next year.

During 2011 the Global tablet sales were estimated to be around 60 million units, with Apple accounting for approximately 40 million of those. Sales are expected to reach 90 million to 95 million units in 2012, with Apple’s new Retina Display iPad the most popular option among consumers.

In 2010 late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs already predicted the market transition during is speech  at the All Things D conference, Jobs mentioned that the transition was “inevitable.” He continued on to comparing the computer industry to that of the  U.S. automobile industry, in particular the Truck industry,  Jobs said ”PCs are going to be like trucks they will still be around, but will represent a smaller number of people.”

Do you agree with the industry analysts, will tablets reign the computing market or will people stick with their traditional desktops? If you’re looking to buy a tablet, these coupons for Overstock can save you a lot of money.