In less than a week Camera Awesome hits 2 million downloads

4th April 2012

SmugMug’s new free iPhone App “Camera Awesome” now jsut a week later the app has already hit 2 million downloads and more than 10 million photos taken!

Currently Camera Awesome is ranked  the #1 Photography app in 55 countries and climbing. For comparison’s sake: That’s faster than the initial download rate of mobile photo-sharing app Instagram, which took almost two months to reach the same number of downloads.

“The response has been nothing short of breathtaking,” said Don MacAskill, CEO & Chief Geek of SmugMug. “We’ve watched in awe as people awesomize photos of their beautiful newborn babies, weddings, dinner with friends, vacations, dogs… You name it, they’ve awesomized it.”

In the past years the popularity of mobile photo apps has been soaring as more and more Smartphones become capable of taking decent photos , eat away the market for poin-and-shoot cameras. At the end of 2011 the NPD Group said that the percentage of photos taken with a smartphone grew 10 percent year over year to 27 percent in 2011, at the same time however the point-and-shoot camera market had dipped 17 percent year over year in terms of units shipped, and 18 percent in terms of revenue.