Mobile App Development’s Role in Digital Marketing

10th August 2012

As the face of digital marketing continues to grow and change, app development has become the most popular approach to getting your products and services seen.Whether you are a nonprofit organisation, a large social media company or an SEO company, developing mobile apps to suit your needs is an effective and popular way to reach potential customers.

How Mobile App Development Affects a Social Media Company

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to name a social media company that does not have at least one associated mobile application. Because it is time consuming and inconvenient to navigate a large, desktop-oriented website such as Facebook or Twitter, app development to integrate with these platforms has emerged to streamline the process. Not only does this allow users quicker and more convenient access to services provided by the social media company, it allows them to easily integrate updates and interactions on the site with the rest of their phone software. For example, a user could be notified in the exact same menu when he receives an instant message, a tweet or a status update on the social media company site. This increases the intuitiveness of the service. By making the process of using the service easier for the user, it is possible to attract more loyal users. This equates, in turn, to ad revenue, market research data and other potential revenue streams.

How Mobile App Development Affects an SEO Company

An SEO company relies on getting its customers’ websites to the first page of major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to embed links to the clients’ sites into public profiles and user created content areas on established sites. An SEO company might choose to increase its customers’ exposure by building a mobile app that relates to their business. Mobile app development can incorporate the URL to the client’s site. Once the app is put onto a software market such as the App Store or Google Play, its association with these high ranking sites can help raise the priority of the associated URL in search results. In addition, an SEO company could advertise its own services in the same manner. This provides the benefits of search engine optimisation combined with those of viral marketing.

Source PR Wire