3Squared and Interfleet on the fast track to success

1st October 2012

A simple but innovative technology could cut train fuel use by eight percent by making sure drivers get their vehicles to the right station at the right time.

The Timetable Advisory System brings together live timetable and GPS data to provide drivers with a simple but effective guide to make sure they stick to schedules: avoiding not just delays but also arriving into stations too early, which can mean wasted fuel and even an unwanted environmental impact.

Custom app developer 3Squared developed the tool in partnership with Interfleet, the recognised market leader in specialist infrastructure and tech solutions for the railway industry.

Several large franchise operators have already expressed an interest in Timetable Advisory Service. The beauty of the app is that it combines ease of use for the driver with deep data collection. The system uses familiar branded hardware such as the iPad that is not only simple to operate, but can be installed in cabs without extensive disruption.

The system allows drivers to instantly record any issues that could cause delays. It also integrates smoothly with the TRUST system for monitoring performance and punctuality.

Because the partnership was able to produce such an impressive project in a smooth manner, 3Squared and Interfleet have decided to collaborate on other rail-related app projects in the future. The idea is to make sure these are compatible with the devices used for the Timetable Advisory Service, meaning no additional hardware costs for existing customers.