GENII Bluetooth enabled iPhone case aims high

30th May 2013

A Manchester businessman has built the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled iPhone case.  Shehbaz Afzal designed the GENII, a 2-piece iPhone 5 case, which offers more than just protection of the phone itself.  The case is fitted with LED lights to alert users of notifications, as well as buttons to easily control music and video without touching the screen.

Shehbaz is using funding website KickStarter as a means of funding the project and sending it to mass market.  The website allows designers, musicians, artists and inventors to pitch their idea to the websites community.  Investors then pledge money to that idea and in return receive a gift, or the product itself once manufactured.

The GENII is fitted with LED lights on one side, which alerts users to notifications, even when the phone is on silent.  The different colour lights indicate various things; messages, calls, instant messaging, social media notifications and system messages.

The case also has buttons on the side which allow the user to control the media being played on their phone.  Current touch-screen users, especially those who use their phone during exercise, travelling or throughout the colder months, will know of the difficulty of skipping or pausing music, with gloves on, or if the phone is in a pocket.

The Bluetooth-enabled case uses a lithium-ion battery built into the back, which charges in one hour and lasts for up to seven days.  The top half of the case is fully customisable, using the websites design tool and allows connection to a 3D printer.

3Squared will be working with GENII in developing an accompanying iPhone app that will allow functionality to be adjusted from the phone, such as which type of notifications to turn on, specific contact notifications and a battery indicator.

For more information, or to be one of the first to own a GENII head over to the Kickstarter website today.