Worldwide Developers Conference for 3Squared developer

20th May 2013

One of our placement students, Ste Prescott, recently entered Apple’s competition to win one of the just 150 student places available at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.  With tickets, priced at $1,600, selling out almost as soon as they became available, this was the only way into the 5-day conference.

The task was to produce an app about the developer – showcasing their own talents and achievements.  With just a week to turn the project around, Ste got to work and entered his app just before the deadline.  After a bit of sweating and panicking, the email arrived at 5pm Pacific Daylight Time (2am BST!) to say he had made the cut along with 149 other lucky students from around the world.  Queue a frantic search for flights and accommodation (unfortunately not included!) and not a lot of sleeping that night.  Have a look below at the app that bagged Ste’s ticket to the impressive Moscone Center.

The conference will give the attending developers a look at the latest iOS and OS X.  Ste will have the opportunity to attend over 100 sessions with Apple engineers and experts and give him hands on experience of the current (and hopefully future…) Apple technology.  Rumours were circulating that the latest iPhone would be on show, but it seems this may have been delayed.  But what a great opportunity for a behind the scenes look at the one of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world.

Unfortunately, and understandably, no cameras will be allowed into the event, but Ste has promised to keep us up to date whilst in California and let us know what he finds out.  Congratulations Ste, have a great week and bring us back lots of inspiration (and freebies!?)