3Squared works with Fretwell Downing Hospitality to help hospital patients

3rd June 2013

Software experts 3Squared have recently completed a project for catering management software providers Fretwell-Downing Hospitality.   Sheffield-based Fretwell-Downing have been helping caters make the most of technology for over 30 years and, like 3Squared, have developed expert experience across a range of industries.

FDH have extensive experience in creating systems that reduce the inefficiencies and time spent on production of high quality meals in large quantities.  For their latest feature, they teamed up with 3Squared to produce a solution to assist hospitals in the gathering of patient’s meal orders at the bedside.

The resulting app allows hospitals to gather a patient’s meal order at their bedside using an iPad, rather than the patient filling in paper menus.  For FDH’s clients, this means a more efficient meal ordering solution with orders being collated much more accurately and efficiently than by hand from individual paper based requests, resulting in reduced food waste, lower costs and more accurate fulfilment of individual meal orders.

Phil Jones, of FDH said ‘Our customers have been very impressed with the iPad application, instantly recognising the benefits and efficiencies it offers them.  3Squared were able to design the solution in such a way as to ensure the features and functions offered by iOS were maximised to the fullest extent, in turn ensuring an efficient and pleasing user experience.