iOS 7 released to Apple Developers at Worldwide Developers Conference

12th June 2013

So the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference lived up to its hype and showcased the much anticipated iOS 7.  In terms of interface, this is probably one of the biggest updates Apple has released, with a move away from the distinctive Apple icons and usability.  The update will be available around September for the general public, but 3Squared has some Apple developers in the team, which means they were able to download a beta version straight after the showpiece Californian conference.

Here we take a look at some of the bigger changes, which will be available for iPhone 4, 4S & 5, iPad 2, 3 & 4, iPad mini and fifth generation iPod’s.

The new appearance is very different from previous Apple operating systems, with almost Windows-looking icons and gradients. Many of the Apple apps have new icons in line with this new interface, with most going for much simpler, brighter options.

A new control center looks to be a useful feature with the ability to quickly turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and airplane mode on or off, adjust the screen brightness and music options.

There is also an emphasis on music, including the self-proclaimed “best music player we have ever done”.  It also incorporates the much talked about iRadio, allowing the streaming of millions of tracks that will rival the services of Spotify and Rdio.

Safari has been given a bit of a make-over, with a smaller URL bar and unlimited tabs in a 3D format, rather than the previous limit of 8 in a traditional tab style.  Another good addition to Safari is the bookmarks, which collects links from other sources, such as those posted on Twitter, making them easier to view than through a native app.

The camera also has some good new tricks such as the square, round and panoramic lens shapes and the option to add filters before the photo is actually taken.  The photo album is much more organised, showing pictures by date, event or location and allows you to view all photos from a period in one big collage.

iOS 7 Siri will be available in a choice of male or female voices and now pulls information from Bing (controversially ditching Google) , Wikipedia and Twitter.

The guys in our office who have tried it are very positive about iOS 7, with most being a fan of the new interface and usability – even if the radically different colours may take some getting used to.  Although there does seem to be some inconsistences in the design – but this is still very much a beta version.

One downside is that some of the features are very much geared towards newer models of the iPhone, possibly with a new model launch later on in the year in mind.

Although it was no surprise to see iOS 7 revealed at the WWDC, there were very few leaks about the actual features and changes.  By the time Apple has ironed out any minor issues and released the update later in the year, we think this will be one of the best updates yet.