Twitter retires API V1

12th June 2013

Twitter has today officially retired its API V1 with a full transition over to API V1.1.  Twitter had announced the retirement last year, giving programmers 6 months to sort out their coding.  The initial date was planned for 7th May but this was postponed, with the official Twitter account announcing ‘API V1 retirement will happen today, beginning sometime after 1.30PM PDT’.

The API performance history showed severe service disruption beginning yesterday and resulting in the complete closure of V.1 today.

For many websites and apps yet to migrate to API V1.1, this means any live Twitter feeds they have embedded on their website or apps will no longer be available.

The Developer Display Requirements now require a host of standards to be met, such as including the author, avatar, time and Tweet actions in any embedment.  The new version also gives Twitter the power to shut down a service without reason or warning. In this respect V1 is a bold move – one of the reasons for Twitter’s rapid growth was its open API.

Has this retirement affected your website or app today?  We can help you migrate to V1.1 – get in touch and let us know what we can do.