European Commission to address IT skills shortage

18th July 2013

The European Commission has warned that the EU may lose competitiveness in the global IT industry, because of a skills shortage in digital jobs – those which are based around IT.

The Commission has launched a ‘grand coalition’ to address the skills gap, investing one million Euros in an attempt to fill the estimated 900,000 IT vacancies that are predicted to be unfilled by 2015.  The coalition looks to help in the following areas:

– Training and matching digital jobs
– Helping with travel and relocation to stop shortages and surpluses in certain areas
– Certification to make it easier to prove an employee’s skills, regardless of country
– Awareness raising
– Innovative learning and teaching

With approximately 26 million unemployed across Europe, big players in the industry have launched their own initiatives to develop skills and create jobs.

Google has recently opened its ‘Squared Online’ digital marketing course, in conjunction with the Home Learning College.  The online giant has also announced a scheme to give 15,000 microcomputers to schools, which encourage children to learn coding skills.  Cisco and Telefonica have pledged support through similar training schemes.

The Commissions figures suggest there are 100,000 extra digital jobs every year, yet the number of skilled IT graduates is not following a similar trend.

3Squared continues to play its part by offering work experience to school children, as well as strengthening links with the local universities by taking on students on year-long work placements.  The company has also committed to its employee development by offering each member of staff £1,500 per year to fund IT-related training.

With the predicted increase in global IT investment, there has never been a better time to start your career within IT.  Keep your eye on this blog over the coming months, where we will be profiling the types of jobs we have here at 3Squared and the skills required to do them.