3Squared continues to grow and plans to create new jobs

8th August 2013

Sheffield-based app development firm 3Squared continues to defy the economic downturn with plans to create five new jobs this year.

The company has undergone steady expansion over the past three years thanks to winning major new business. It moved to larger offices in 2010 but just a year later it hit full capacity and had to relocate again to its current Balm Green location, right on the doorstep of City Hall.

Last year 3Squared saw a 25 percent growth in like-for-like sales compared with the previous year. Throughout 2012 the company added nine new members to its app development team as well as continuing to grow its sales and marketing division.

Smarter spending

That growth isn’t showing any signs of letting up, with 3Squared winning several new major clients such as AXA and Unilever. Under current plans, the company expects to have increased its team with five new recruits by this time next year.

So how is such growth possible when the wider economy is flatlining at best? 3Squared founder and commercial director James Fox believes it’s down to a simple strategy:

“Speak to most companies today and they’ll tell you the finance department have made it clear they can’t increase spending. If you can’t spend more, you have to spend more effectively. That’s where our tech expertise comes in.”

3Squared’s work with applications isn’t limited to the familiar “Angry Birds on iPhone” model. Although many of 3Squared’s productions are available for popular smartphones and tablets, the company also produces standalone software that works on both Internet browsers and internal networks.

The key is helping businesses use technology to solve a problem or make life easier — and make sure their brand is highlighted in the process. Recent examples include everything from an interactive wine menu for Royal Caribbean cruises to a system that tracks more than 4,000 Citroen and Peugeot ex-leasing vehicles each year as they are moved to auction houses from 500 different suppliers.

Unique clients – bespoke solutions

3Squared’s work is based around the idea of custom apps: building something that specifically addresses a client’s need, rather than trying to repackage an existing “off the shelf” application that has features that will prove unnecessary.

“This year we have seen an unprecedented demand for our products and services as more and more organisations recognise the important role software and technology plays within their business,” explained James Fox.

Another important element in 3Squared’s success is that although it’s a tech firm, it’s services are useful across all areas of business. The current client list already includes major players in construction, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, publishing and retail.

“You might think mobile and web apps sounds like something only ‘techy’ firms would be interested in,” James Fox points out, “but the whole point of 3Squared is that our clients don’t have to worry about technology. As complex as some of our work can be, it comes down to a simple partnership: you tell us exactly what you want the application to do and we worry about how to make that happen.”