Are tablets the cure for the healthcare system?

8th August 2013

A simple search for health in the app store can leave even the biggest hypochondriac with a year’s worth of self-diagnosis, exercise guides and calorie counters to download.  But can this technology be put to a practical use in surgeries and hospitals around the world?

The NHS is currently using countless apps, to help users quit smoking or diagnose an ailment, in an attempt to take some of the strain off an already under-resourced healthcare network.  American counterparts are now prescribing apps that monitor blood sugar levels and heart rates or even warn medics of a faulty pacemaker.

iPads to replace notepads

The traditional approach of a patient’s paper notes at the end of a bed could be a thing of the past, as a doctor doing his rounds has already seen their complete medical history on his iPad by the time he makes it to the ward.  Smart phones and tablets with cameras could render a trip to the local GP pointless as NHS Direct specialists have already diagnosed the problem and emailed a prescription.

The list of potential uses is huge, including data collection, electronic check-in and even as a means of entertainment for patients and visitors, bored of hospital radio.

3Squared have worked with NHS Trusts, healthcare organisations and professionals to create software and applications that reduce waste, improve efficiency and create more streamlined methods of working.  Whatever the primary aim of a project, the ultimate aim of our clients in the healthcare industry is to create a better healthcare system that better meets the needs of its patients.

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