Introducing the latest member of the 3Squared team

16th August 2013

As part of 3Squared’s ambitious growth plans, the company has recently taken on a graphic design intern, in conjunction with the RISE graduate employment scheme.

Karl Portman started with the company this week as part of the creative team.  We had a chat with Karl to find out a bit more about him and what he expects of 3Squared…


What were you doing before joining 3Squared?

Shortly before joining the 3Squared team I was a full-time student at Sheffield Hallam University studying Film/Animation and Visual Effects. This mostly involved buildings collapsing and zombie head explosions at the beginning, but then moved to 3D modelling and animation, as well as motion graphics. My dissertation project was to completely remodel, with updated graphics, the Kokiri Village from The Legend of Zelda.

What will your main roles be at 3Squared?

As a Junior Graphic Designer I’ll mostly be supporting Cristina with any design tasks and creating wireframes and visual mock-ups. Although as I’ve come to understand it the job is pretty varied and I could end up doing anything, which is a definite bonus as it keeps things interesting! I’m always happy to help out though, and look forward to keeping busy.

What are you most looking forward to?

I think that despite the fact I’ve worked through all my college and university years, those roles were mostly in retail; my place on the 3Squared team is essentially my first office job and the first step on the career ladder as it were. All of these things are enough to be excited about alone, but I think also the challenge of being able to design real world projects for real clients – it’s much more satisfying than trying to work on all the design crazy spilling out of your own head!

What do you think you can bring to 3Squared?

I believe that my passion and enthusiasm for design are a big part of my assets to the company, and trust that these skills will help me to be a key member of the 3Squared team. Further to that I’m also hoping to bring some of my video and animation skills with me and am looking forward to putting them to use in any way I can! Beyond that I just hope (once the initial nervousness wears off) you’ll all see that I’m a pretty easy-going guy to be around and I’m always happy to have a chat or help however I can!

What do you enjoy doing out of work?

Outside of work I like to try and keep my design skills up to date and to create videos and animations to show off my work, but invariably end up playing video games of some sort! I’ve moved mostly to PC gaming now, however still own a 360, PS3, Wii U and the Vita and 3DS. Embarrassingly, most of my spare time is taken up tending to my townsfolk in Animal Crossings… Beyond that, I like to write music, draw robots and generally sit around having a laugh!


Great to have Karl on the team and good luck from everyone at 3Squared.