5 of Our Favourite Apps

25th April 2014

A smart phone is nothing without apps, and while Flappy Birds is a whole lot of fun, it’s not all that useful, is it? We spoke to 5 of the 3Squared team to ask about their favourite apps and why they love them so much.


Zack Brown: iOS Developer
App: Tweetbot

The number one app I use the most is definitely TweetBot. It’s a great twitter client that sports all of the snazzy new iOS 7 features and has a mighty slick UI. It supports multiple accounts, has no adverts and provides a great user experience that more than justifies the £2.99 price tag.


Mark Jenkinson: Project manager
App: Evernote

I probably use Evernote more than anything, mainly for taking notes during meetings and then accessing them again from my desktop. It’s a lot better than the standard iPad notes app, has a much better UI (as long as you’re not averse to the colour green) and it’s free! What’s great is that it comes with plenty of storage so you never have to worry about using it up. We’ve even managed to blag free premium accounts via O2 Priority Moments.


Richard Pursehouse: Web App Developer
App: RunKeeper

I like RunKeeper because it tracks other activities aside from just running, for example cycling and training workouts. The app links in with the Jawbone Up app too for accurate data. RunKeeper is also useful because you can compare current runs with old runs, see your old routes and look at the mile splits.


Ken Boucher : iOS Developer
App: MyFitnessPal

I use MyFitnessPal to track my calorie intake and I love the fact that it’s very simple to use. It has a vast list of foods available on the app but you can also scan in bar codes of the food you are eating. It records your weight loss over time and gives you results in a nice graph.


Sam Oakley: Android Developer
App: Yahoo News Digest

I like to keep up with current stories but don’t always get the chance to read newspapers or news websites. I much prefer Yahoo News Digest to other news apps as you get notifications twice a day with a bunch of new stories. That means I actually read the news for a change! It’s very nice looking app as well, which makes a great deal of difference.