The User Experience

10th April 2014

User Experience (UX) is a crucial part of product, website and software design but it isn’t always given the priority it deserves. We often talk about the aesthetics of design but aesthetics must be underpinned by how easy and logical something is to operate. If a piece of software or an app isn’t easy to navigate or confuses the user, users will simply stop using it, complain or look for alternatives.

Good UX design is also about how a user engages with a product on an emotional or subconscious level. Successful UX design is usually determined by how all features and graphics work together as a whole.

Ever searched the hashtag #UXfail on Twitter? Here are some examples that demonstrate why UX is everything.


CAPTCHA codes are notoriously hard to read. Instead of making it hard for spam to get through the system, they can make it hard for the user to get in aswell.

CAPTCHA codes are notoriously hard to read, frustrating real users as well as spam.


The two options are too close together. One wrong click and you either order products you don't want, or cancel your order altogether.

One wrong click and you either order products you don’t want, or cancel your order altogether.



Possibly with the intention of making date input easy, we are left with the exact opposite of ease.


ux fail 5

If you have to ask…


The Statistics

1. The amount of time web developers spend reworking poorly designed projects can be as much as 50%!

2. Evidence suggests that for every £1 spent on UX you can return as much as £100 in the long term.

3. Some claim that it costs 10 times as much to correct problems in post production compared to getting them right in development.

4. 68% of people will change their service due to a poor UX as they believe your company doesn’t care about them.

Getting It Right

Successful UX design takes time and expertise to make sure users will intuitively and easily connect with your product. At 3Squared we have worked with leading UK biggest brands to do just that, offering a range of services from consultation to development. Drop us a line if we can help you perfect your product for the end user.


[Images courtesy of UX Fail Tumblr]