3Squared’s Top Tech Gear

16th May 2014

A couple of weeks ago we asked members of the 3Squared team to tell us about their favourite mobile apps. This week we asked them to talk about their favourite pieces of hardware or tech gear. Whether they be to help us with their daily life or just because they’re fun, here are the gadgets we can’t live without…


James Fox: Commercial Director

I think my favourite gadget is my Jawbone. It’s useful to keep fit and vibrates when you are too inactive; it also reminds you to take a break. You can set it so it wakes you up at the optimum time too. It’s ideal for when you’re running and integrates excellently with the ‘Run Keeper’ app. The battery life is fantastic,  meaning you can go charge-free for almost a fortnight.


Brad Gyton: Business Change Manager

The Lightpack is something I use a lot. It’s an interactive light that connects  to your TV or monitor and generates ambient back lighting to accompany whatever is being displayed on-screen. The light not only provides more atmosphere to films or games, but it also eases the strain on your eyes when watching or playing in a darkened room. Myself and two other members of the team all have one and think they’re great.


Lydia Hall: Accounts & Admin Supervisor

I have two favourite gadgets. The first is my iPod – I haven’t been without one since 2004 (that’s 10 years ago!). Secondly, I really like my Fitbit. The fact you can track calorie intake, calories burnt during the day, steps counted and that you can also set yourself mini goals is brilliant. It also syncs with MyFitnessPal which is really useful.