Wearables in Business

9th December 2014

Smaller sized businesses, while in some ways hindered by their stature in comparison to big companies, are often best placed to adopt new technologies. The wearable revolution shows no sign of slowing down and it could be the businesses that catch on to this quickly that reap the benefits in the future. By utilising wearable technology in day to day operations, businesses give themselves a great chance of setting themselves apart from the competition and establishing themselves as a unique and innovative organisation…

There are a wide variety of wearables and, as such, there are a wide variety of potential uses for businesses. The hands-free Google Glass is ideal for workers that need to keep their hands available for intricate tasks, whereas something like the Apple Watch or Galaxy Gear could be used for collecting employee data. Factor in the Internet of Things and data collection, analytics and overall efficiency can be greatly improved.

So what can businesses do right now to ensure they are making the most of the upward trend in wearables in the workplace? This article by TechRadar explains the importance of considering how wearable technologies could be leveraged by enterprises right now. With this in mind, here is how people can evaluate what wearables mean to their business:

1) Assess Your Business

Just because you’re introducing a new way of operating into the business does not mean that you have to change the face of the business entirely. Wearables may help to streamline services or improve the efficiency of the way you work. Look at the areas of the business that could be improved and think about how wearables fit into that.

2) Try it out!

It’s still early days for wearable technology development, but by trying out what’s out there at the minute, you can stay ahead of the curve. By familiarising yourself with what works for your business in terms of types of wearables, you can automatically rule out or opt in to new pieces of technology that is released.

3) Start Today

Don’t be put off by the lack of widespread adoption of wearables. Businesses are experimenting and utilising the technology at an overwhelming rate, and by the time wearables enter the mainstream of business operations, it could be too late to be truly innovative.

4) Be Flexible

New systems and software is needed in order to operate using wearables. New apps and programs are springing up every day, and small businesses are best placed to try them out. If a business is adaptable to change, they can take maximum advantage of new ways of working.

5) Bring Your Own Wearables

Think about how the Bring Your Own Device system can work for you and your employees in terms of wearables. If your organisation cannot afford to supply wearables, that isn’t to say that you should rule them out completely. Figure out ways for the business to harness wearables on a fundamental level, and allow for integration, even if you don’t plan to incorporate them immediately.

At 3Squared, we are already integrating wearables into how we work day-to-day. One of our examples makes use of the Jawbone UP; all staff are equipped with an UP to take part in both individual and team challenges. Members who chose to do so can take part in these fitness challenges, with prizes being awarded for the most steps that month. As well as generating a healthy sense of competition, it’s great to encourage our team to get up and mobile during the working day. We’re also a part of helping other organisations take advantage of these new technologies.

Wearables have the power to change the way that all businesses operate, from SME’s to huge corporations. In terms of customer service and day to day operations, wearable technology has the opportunity to improve many aspects of business. The devices themselves are extremely useful, but the methods of data collection that come with wearables give a great deal of insight and analysis for business owners. Smaller sized businesses in particular should not be wary of the technology and the sooner they look into adopting it, the better!