3Squared’s SmartVest: Helping Safety in Linear Working Environments

10th March 2015

3Squared recently entered the Innovate UK Wearable Tech competition entering it’s idea of a Wearable Vest to help construction workers out in the field.

Health and Safety is one of the most critical business processes for infrastructure organisations and 3Squared was quick to realise an opportunity for a ‘SmartVest’ that could assist workers by notifying them of potential hazards.

The ‘SmartVest’ expands on the current invaluable safety benefits of the high visibility vest by incorporating low energy, affordable Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that respond to potential impending dangers particularly on a railway line. Additionally, the platform will integrate with established live data feeds to provide automated visual alerts for workers to inform them of a train approaching a working area, or hazardous overhead power cables.

Different coloured lighting will be utilised, creating visual alerts for individual workers and groups of workers helping them to identify a possible hazard quickly and effectively.

To further extend the SmartVest functionality, and to make the vest contextually aware, we will leverage our ‘SmartSafe’ virtual zone management platform. Our SmartSafe web-based software allows engineers to upload site plans and draw out virtual safe, exclusion and hazardous working zones.

On site, the platform utilises the latest iBeacon technology to establish and monitor these virtual zones. iBeacons have revolutionised the field of micro positioning enabling devices accurately obtain exact locations within built or open environments.

The SmartVest innovatively and creatively takes an established product with existing safety benefits into the 21st Century turning the humble high visibility vest into a piece of wearable technology.