3Squared at the Úll Conference

15th April 2015

In March, the 3Squared Mobile Development Team (Luke, Sam, Ben, Zack, Ste and Tom) set off to Ireland to attend the Úll Conference, an event focusing on great product businesses, presented through an ‘Apple-shaped lens’.

Killarney Bound

It was a long journey for the team to the conference, involving a whole day of travelling by plane to Dublin followed by four hours on a train to Killarney. However the travel was well compensated for upon arrival at 5* European Hotel & Resort, set in the scenic countryside of Ireland. The hotel base proved to be a great place to meet like-minded people and make new connections from all around the world.


The Conference

There was a great selection of speakers at the conference, including Anil Dash, Horace Dediu and James Thomson among many others. Many of the talks focused on the importance of diversity in the workplace, and how male-dominated the tech industry currently is. Of particular note was Des Traynor’s talk which explored the “unbundling” of apps – splitting large applications into smaller, focused ones that can better serve users; this unbundling is what 3Squared are doing with the RailSmart Suite of apps.

Luke Stringer, 3Squared Senior Developer, had especially enjoyed the talk by James Thomson about his time working for Apple around Steve Jobs and his ‘unique’ personality.

The final day brought a few “Special Features”, including live shows by Myke Hurley and the cast of the Incomparable, rounding off the conference well.


All in all, it was a fantastic few days for the Mobile Team that won’t soon be forgotten!

(Images by Oliver Heering)