Industry Shift to Digital

14th April 2015

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our working lives. Computers and mobile phones are an absolute necessity for the vast majority of us, but innovative use of technology can propel your business forward, placing you ahead of competitors.


Forbes has highlighted how big companies have utilised technology in new ways in order to revolutionise their respective industries. Focusing specifically on apps and software, the 10 companies listed by Forbes have used them to make their user and customer experience quicker and more efficient. For many of these innovations, the actual technology is already available, but by implementing it in a new way (as we did with Google Glass BIM 360 software), things become much more streamlined.

However while effective customer-focused apps are fairly easy to get hold of, the same can’t be said for internal software. Smashing Magazine says, “The internal systems of many organizations have shocking user interfaces. This costs companies in productivity, training and even the customer experience.” For organisations to maximise efficiency, good internal systems are needed. They are even more necessary if a company is to move forwards, ahead of their competitors.

Getting on Track

At 3Squared, we are constantly looking at how we can use existing technology to improve process within businesses. Recently, we were tasked with optimising employee performance while cutting down on laborious compliance administration for an app for rail companies.

RailSmart: EDS is both a web application and a mobile app which allows train operating companies to deliver targeted training and support to employees. A profile of employee competencies is built, allowing easy access to data and simplifying the review process. This means that rail companies can identify in which areas employees need the most support and deliver it efficiently. The cost of compliance management is reduced, staff retention is improved and training and development is able to be provided with maximum effect.

Tim Jones, Managing Director of 3Squared said:

“We have extensive experience in the rail sector, which we have used to build this software solution and which offers huge benefits to rail operators.  We are very excited about what this App will mean for rail companies in terms of making compliance less of a burden, minimising risks and providing better resource management.”

The App is completely customisable and can be tailored with company branding. 3Squared are currently rebranding all these apps to be under RailSmart Suite which will contain: HUB, EDS, TIS, DOCS, FORMs, TMS.

Don’t Be Left Behind

The shift from traditional processes to digital organisation and management holds a whole host of benefits for businesses. Increased efficiency (saving time and money), better manageability and accurate data are just some of the advantages of digitization.

Embracing technology and working in new ways can help your business to revolutionise your industry.