iBeacons Go Mainstream

19th June 2015

At 3Squared, we’re working more and more with iBeacons and looking into new ways to use the technology. In a recent blog post, we discussed how we are including iBeacons in our SmartVest project. With rail workers in mind, this iBeacons project helps to mark dangerous areas of work sites, alerting individuals with visual cues should they enter one of these zones.

iBeacons to Feature at Wimbledon

Slowly but surely, iBeacons are making their way into mainstream use with new and creative ways of using them being released. This week it was announced that iBeacons would be trialed at this year’s Wimbledon. Fans and spectators that visit the tournament and download the official app will receive “geo-activated contextual” information. For instance, if a user enters a queue for the box office but already has a ticket for the event, beacons can trigger a notification informing the user that they are in the wrong queue. This makes the experience simpler for the user, and can also reduce strains on services for the event organisers.

Tesco Launch iBeacon Technology

Unilever and Tesco are launching a huge trial of iBeacons technology across 270 of their stores. When users that have downloaded the mPulse app, they are able to find the nearest Tesco location in order to receive a special discount on Magnum ice cream. The coupons are only delivered to users phones once they enter the Tesco store (which is then registered by iBeacons). This type of technology offers retailers big opportunities for marketing, and more brands and businesses are catching on.

Audience Participation

Online news and review website CultureMap will be distributing over 200,000 iBeacons to retailers and restaurants across the USA. The beacons will collect data from CultureMap mobile app users in order to uncover local trends and provide insights into customer behaviour. The idea is to paint a picture of whereabouts CultureMap’s users like to eat and shop, allowing them to produce accurate content and tailor it to their target audience. This would also allow the organisation to provide users with offers and discounts, in a similar way to how Tesco are trailing their Magnum ice cream offer.

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