Escaping Greatly? It was a Team Effort.

17th September 2015
3Squared team celebrate

Never the team to shy away from a challenge, last night 3Squared tackled several rooms at one of Sheffield’s most talked about attractions – The Great Escape.

The team took on 3 of The Great Escape rooms in 6 groups. Each room has a different theme and puzzle but all rely on teamwork and communication in order to escape! The website lists ‘logical and creative thinking’ as prerequisites, and with ‘good problem solving’ the skill most often attributed to developers, it was fair to say we were reasonably confident.

Too Confident?

Prisoners had to breakout from Alcatraz, test subjects were tasked with saving mankind from scientists wanting to depopulate the world, and it was the duty of drug trial participants to escape the clutches of a government intent on using psychedelics for nefarious purposes. All the games involved some form of physical restriction, and teams had to work their way free from prison cells or handcuffs and follow various clues against the clock to crack the code and head for freedom.

Each team member was given a role to play with a job that contributed to completing the task. Teams had roles including light bearer, question master, time keeper, code bearer, knowledge master and a hero. This was a welcome feature and ensured active participation by all team members.

Our overall success rate was impressive at 66% (with just two of our team unable to escape in time). One team cut it fine and clocked a time of 49.59, making it out with 1 second to spare.

Team 2Team 3

Team 1Team 4

Victory Is Ours

After the excitement, the next stop was the pub for either a smug and victorious, or a consolatory drink. Then is was pub quiz time. Prior to the evening team were asked to submit a surprising/little known fact about themselves and then in groups, attempted to match the fact with the person. Amusement ensued and the activity ended with everyone a little wiser to their colleagues’ idiosyncrasies.

The night ended with the obligatory curry – something of a staple on 3Squared nights out.

Steve Jobs once said,

“The total is always greater than the sum of the parts. Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

Very true Steve – in the office and in escaping from locked rooms!

3Squared team celebrate