Document Distribution for The 21st Century

23rd November 2015
Document management

As companies move away from physical document storage, the demand for a reliable document management system becomes a necessity.

Physical documents have certain benefits that digital copies do not, however the ability to manage, track and store documents quickly and easily means that more and more businesses are looking to digital document management solutions.

The Importance of Document Management

When working in industries which manage enormous amounts of documents, it’s important to be able to automate the management process. Accessing documents instantly, viewing who has read them and ensuring they are standardised is paramount for any sized organisation. This also reduces risk, improving employee competences. Just how important risk management is for a company has been highlighted in one of our earlier blogs.

Smart Distribution

The document management application which is part of 3Squared’s RailSmart Suite features built-in workflows for read receipts and document acknowledgement. This means that you can be sure important information is disseminated quickly and effectively, while receiving assurance that has been received and is being reviewed. Distribution of documents, notices and communication is standardised across the organisation, administrative burdens are reduced and costs and paper wastages are cut too.

Docs App

RailSmart Nomination

The RailSmart Suite has just been nominated for a UK Rail Industry Award in the Mobile Technology category. Collectively, the applications included in the suite provide autonomous, powerful business applications which support the operations of rail operators. We are thrilled to be nominated for such a prestigious award and are looking forward to the ceremony on the 11th February.