RailSmart – Employee Development System reduces the administrative burden of compliance, enabling train operating companies to manage and optimise the performance of its people

RailSmart:EDS is an easy-to-use software solution for the continuous management and improvement of employees competencies.

A combination of smart mobile and web applications that enables Train Operating Companies to deliver targeted training and support helping lower business risk and reduce incident rates.

Product Benefits:

  • Improved visibility of competence data
  • Proactive employee competency management
  • Reduces the cost of compliance
  • Improved staff retention
  • Better resource management

Product Features



Easy to use tools for the management of employees, competencies, competency cycles, performance criteria and assessments. Helping to reduce the administrative burden of competency management.

Assessment  Planning

Training and Assessment Planning

RailSmart:EDS supports a continuous process of competency management with its proactive planning and assessment tool.

Route & Traction Knowledge

Route & Traction Knowledge

Train Operating Companies can use RailSmart:EDS for the management of employees route and traction knowledge or RailSmart:EDS can integrate with 3rd party planning tools.

Employee Profile

Candidate Profiling

RailSmart:EDS provides Train Operating Companies with a risk centric view of all candidates. Providing access to individuals medical history, previous assessments, incidents and support plans.

Auditing & Verifying

Auditing and Verifying

The built in Verification and Standardisation tool helps enforce compliance, consistency and ensures accuracy.



RailSmart:EDS can be configured to support existing businesses competency management processes and company standards.



Flexible reporting provides Train Operating Companies with the tools to generate insight and gain better visibility of its competency data to make smarter business decisions.

Smart Assessment Tool

Smart Assessor

RailSmart:EDS provides assessors in the field with a tablet application to perform assessments, implement support plans and get access to candidates details including previous assessment, incidents and details of any current support plans.

Risk Profilling

Risk Centric Views

RailSmart:EDS provides a risk centric business and candidate view enabling Train Operating Companies to identify those that require support the most.

Incident Capture

Incident Management

RailSmart:EDS contains workflows for the capturing and management of incidents.

European Driving Licence

European Drivers Licence

RailSmart:EDS supports the European Driver Licensing directive with the management of complementary certificates.



RailSmart:EDS can be integrated with popular 3rd party solutions for crew planning, action tracking and more.