Smartphones and tablet devices are becoming increasingly prevalent inside many of today’s organisations. Having a strategy in place to manage the introduction and exploitation of these devices into the business is crucial

Enterprise Mobility Opportunities

Connecting with your customers, employees and partners through mobile devices is made easy through our mobility in the enterprise audit. iPhones, iPads and Android devices are becoming increasingly prevalent inside many of today’s organisations.

Never before has there been such an opportunity to harness the benefits of mobile technology to connect with your employees, partners and customers anytime, anywhere. Mobile solutions provide a richer, more personalised experience, taking advantage of all the features available with smartphones and tablets. However, in spite of all these potential benefits, creating mobile systems that fit into your existing technology set-up poses significant IT and operational challenges.

Our 12 years of experience working with mobility in different industries has helped us build a rich knowledge base and expertise that mean we can offer concise, constructive guidance to our customers on the implementation of mobility hardware and software solutions.

Working in partnership with you, 3Squared can:

  • Carry out a “mobility in the enterprise audit”, in which we identify opportunities where mobile technology can help you.
  • Provide your IT staff with support and guidance in the management of devices, security and app distribution.
  • Provide the services of mobile strategists and architects who can help develop and deploy mobile strategies in a way that means you know what is going on across your organisation and retain complete control of the technology.

Requirements Analysis

Before starting a project, it’s critical to clearly define its purpose and goals, to steer the project, track its success and achieve its target. We can help you clearly define goals for your project and create a clear and measurable solution.

Defining a clearer target from the outset makes it much easier to steer the project, track its success and achieve this target.

3Squared’s requirements analysis service can help guide your organisation through this definition process. We start by helping to identify and shape the problems or opportunities within your organisation that are ripe for IT transformation.

In partnership with you, 3Squared can:

  • Help your organisation assess, de-risk and prioritise IT transformation opportunities.
  • Bring informed perspectives and experience to the analysis of your existing systems and processes.
  • Create informed and precise requirements documentation using industry-standard notation that could form part of a software tender process or be taken direct to development.
  • Continue the software development lifecycle by further developing the software.

Application Modernisation

As the demand for technology grows within organisations, leveraging existing software platforms is becoming increasingly challenging. Our experience can help you effortlessly migrate from legacy systems to the latest technology available.

3Squared’s Application Modernisation can help address whether you really need to switch to something different, or if you can either change the way you use existing technology, or update and improve that technology.
This analysis can bring you added value from existing applications with reduced costs, limited business disruption and decreased risk.

In partnership with you, 3Squared can:

  • Ease the challenges of moving away from legacy platforms by using proven planning techniques.
  • Bring informed perspectives and experience to bear to provide new, cost-efficient ways to redevelop legacy software solutions and host applications (such as cloud computing).
  • Work closely with our clients to de-risk the process of migrating from a legacy platform.

Mobile Device Management

Business are adopting mobile and tablet devices at an ever-increasing rate. With more devices, models and operating systems available, companies (and their employees) are rapidly adopting a diverse fleet of mobile devices.

3Squared’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions can help address security policies across your organisation.

The outcome: automated compliance and app deployment across all your tablet and mobile devices, saving time and reducing the risk of compromises.

In partnership with you, 3Squared can:

  • Create an Asset Inventory through MDM, gathering hardware and software data points for analysis and integrating this data with third party applications;
  • Implement Mobile Content Management, allowing flexible content storage and making collaboration easier;
  • Implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme so your staff can access corporate resources on personal mobile & tablet devices without compromising security; and
  • Help you take control using a single computer system to manage devices across various platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.