What is 3Squared Support?

We are extremely proud of the software and applications we produce and want you to get the most out of them. That is why we offer support packages – to keep your software updated, fully functional and free from bugs. It also allows you to request changes to your software – all through our easy to use, 24/7 online portal.

Whatever your business, our support services are designed to make sure your energy and attention isn’t diverted: once you report an issue, you can leave the hassle to us.

Depending on your chosen application, you may also have a development add-on agreement. This means that we will alter the functions of your application, or add new features.

Our support service includes at a minimum:

  • Access to 3Squared’s Support System
  • Minor functional amends
  • Managed back-ups
  • Fixes for software faults to an agreed service level
  • Proactive monitoring & error reporting
  • Tune-up service
  • Quarterly reviews
  • OS update testing


How does it work?

We want to meet every support request as quickly as possible while using our staff efficiently by making sure the most time-sensitive requests get priority.

The sequence of events is as follows:

  • You make a report through the 3Squared support system (an online tool).
  • We send you an e-mail to confirm we’ve got your report and issue you with a virtual “ticket” with a number to identify your case.
  • We assign your case to a staff member who specialises in theparticular application or type of problem that your case involves.
  • We set the staff member a deadline, based on the type of support you need.
  • Our staff member carries out the work and then formally closes the case.
  • We let you know what we’ve done to solve your problem or meet your request.

Support Options

Clients have several options when choosing support.

All of our applications come with a free 90 day warranty.This means that we will fix any software faults without charge during the 90 days after you contract starts, even if you don’t opt for our Support Service.

With our support packages you pay a fixed price, rather than having to pay a fee every time you make a support request.

As a general guide, a one-year support package will cost around 20 percent of the price you pay for the application, but please do ask if you want a precise quote.

If you opt for a two-year or three-year support package, you’ll often get a discount.